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 “Get the best crypto signals and trade like a pro. We are helping many people through the current situation in the crypto market, and we are helping them to achieve financial freedom.”



Why GatorSignals?


Our GatorSignals team keep constant watch on the markets. Our crypto trading signals are based on technical and fundamental analysis.


Our hybrid set of market indicators and risk strategies ensure high profits with low risk. Our traders trade review each crypto signal for accuracy before sharing it with our Premium members.


Our crypto trading signals and coaching will be posted on telegram because of its proven accessibility and reliability.


Our community of premium clients has grown so quickly and so have their wallets. We are so confident in our product that we can guarantee your satisfaction.


Our team is committed to delivering the best support for all your trading needs. GatorSignals aims to set a new standard of excellence in Cryptocurrency Trading, your coach is always ready to answer all your questions on the chat or you can text him anytime!


Buy the dip, sell the top. Easy to say, harder to do. That is why we are here: to satisfy the needs of our clients. As our GatorSignals Premium member you will get everyday our trading signals, we will share with you our buy zone - that is where we are accumulating the coin, sell targets - where we are starting to sell our position and our stop loss in case the trade would turn against us, we are securing our money by tight stop loss. Low risk high reward strategy that is our day bread.


We love talking about finance, bitcoin and any new cryptocurrency trading strategies. You will also get your own coach, who will be available 24/7 for you on chat.


Do you want to be up to date about what is happening in crypto world and in the crypto market, but you do not have a time to spend hours in front of your PC to research the current situation ? No worries at all, our GatorSignals team are professionals with many years of experience and they have an eye on the market every day for you. We research the news and the coins for you and than briefly update you with the important news and described charts and graphs so you can be sure you will not miss anything.

Membership Plans

Choose from our perfect packages below.


1 Month Subscribtion
  • Highly Accurate Signals
  • Private consultant
  • 24/7 Support
  • Telegram Premium group


Lifetime membership
  • Highly Accurate Signals
  • Private consultant
  • 24/7 Support
  • Telegram Premium group
  • LIFETIME Membership


3 Months Subscribtion
  • Highly Accurate Signals
  • Private consultant
  • 24/7 Support
  • Telegram Premium group


What exchange accounts do i need ?

We trade primarily on ByBit. The great news is that price action will be very similar to other large exchanges like Kraken, Bitstamp, Huobi. No matter where you live, GatorSignals can help you trade like a pro.

Where can i buy bitcoin ?

We prefer to use Crypto.com because of reliability and easy conversion to/from local currency. For those who are unable to use Crypto.com –  Coinbase, Ethos Wallet, Bitstamp, Kraken, and Blockchain.com are a few other trusted exchanges that allow fiat to crypto conversions and purchase directly from debit card, credit cards, and bank accounts.

How does GatorSignals personal coaching works ?

It is important to ALWAYS remember that unlike many signal providers, we care about YOU! We value each of our members and provide personal coaching for all of you: whether you’ve chosen our 1 Month plan or our Lifetime plan. Once you’ve signed up and paid for your Premium membership, GatorAdmin  will be accessible to teach you proper trading strategies, how to avoid costly errors, and how to mitigate risk. Trader will be available each day to answer questions and help to make your trading experience as easy as possible.

What is leverage trading ?

Leverage trading also known as “Margin Trading” involves entering trades while ‘borrowing’ the exchanges/brokers funds to increase potential returns.

For example; you enter a trade with 10BTC as the value and use a leverage of 10x, the position will be open with a value of 100BTC.

What timezone do i need to be to follow trade signals ?

GatorSignals will share trade signals 24/7 as our traders are based in various time zones.
The majority of trade signals are sent between 09:00 GMT to 17:00 as this is when the markets are most active.

What is the optimal amount to invest ?

It is always important to invest sensible amounts appropriate to your financial status. It is possible to start with as little as $100 and build this up to $1000 over a period of time. The only limitations may be the brokers/exchanges minimum deposit amounts that are not controlled by GatorSignals.

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